So this is where I ended up!

After downloading Kompozer and a few other HTML editors, and also playing around in PS I decided I'd rather just modify a blog to suit my needs, which is : A portfolio of my level design work and the process of creating a mod, along with a few other things, like my favorite news story's from around the net and some images I'd like to show in a gallery.

I should be able to modify this blog with links to downloads (obviously kept on another server) as well as a gallery on many of the free sites that offer them, even set up my RSS feeds here, which will help organize things.

This was and is much easier then wasting time trying to create a homepage for myself, although not quite as satisfying. With the little time I do have, it's better spent on some projects I have left to finish along with some much needed cleaning I have to do around home :/

Some news from Ren07, a render video of the Stealth Tank was just created...

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