Official Google Blog: Note this

Official Google Blog: Note this

I'll be using this instead of Clipmarks ( to much crap: frames, icons, useless links added into the clip) to post to my blog about anything I find interesting and want to share with everyone. I'm going to be doing alot of RSS feeding into this site, along with ways such as this to grab anything I want to write about in this blog.

My blog will cover alot of subjects ranging from technology, to sports to gaming to the process of creating mods and levels on various game engines, plus alot more. Right now I'm in the process of setting everything up to a point where I can have a nice work flow for publishing new entry's to my site. I want it to be as streamlined as possible.

It's been quite the process so far, many hours just trying to get Google reader's widget to open in a new link (which I still can't add in any java script for it to work), I eventually just sent the feed to feedburner and had that spit out a nice list which can be customized, can even spit out a full html version along with podcast attached!

Funny thing is Google just bought Feedburner, maybe they can integrate some better options into sharing a public feed page... right now, you can't do much with Google readers output :/

So, through Feedburner and Google reader and notebook, I'll be able to easily blog anything I either get thru a feed or find without a feed... I like notebook cause I can drag text, and images (haven't tried videos yet) into my notebook and arrange it there. I realize I can just open blogger and drag text in, but having an extension just seems easier.

I'll post a blog about the tools and extension I'll be using aswell, someone may find it helpful...Ive found a wealth of tools and blogs about them, if you know of any that would help, Please leave me a comment.


Gamer came, commanded and conquered

As a last-minute entrant to the Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars tournament at the national finals of the World Cyber Games, held at Luna Park, he first had to overcome one big issue: he had never played the game before.
Fabian Bauman holds up his prize for winning a national final in the World Cyber Games.

I have a hard time beleiving he never played before, Ive heard of pool sharks, now we have a gaming shark.


TSR moves to CnC 3!

Welcome Commander!

Battlefield Update! The GDI Titan has made its way into the next stage of evolution for Tiberian Sun Rising!

Yes! Thats right!, Tiberian Sun Rising is going to Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars! Which I'm sure your all very excited to hear, with 90% of our graphical assets completed we have a strong focus on coding & development so we can bring you your favorite C&C in the latest technology without delay.

We'd like to show you our first addition the GDI Titan! Which to my knowledge is the first unit added to C&C3 other then EA with the SDK which well enjoy it I thought the Titan was worthy of being first added

More details will follow very soon with more screenshots you can be sure! Not to mention the possibilities with the new engine are endlessly more amazing then ever before! Back to playing with the SDK for me . At the moment the Zero Hour version is on the back burner, we feel as that the C&C3 engine is designed to handle everything we want to give you the gaming experience will be far better handled in the hands of C&C3 SAGE engine.

End Transmission

Visit rising.cnc-source.com

Seems like a great move!
I'm Looking forward to this mod, especially now that it's being developed in a game I own.


So this is where I ended up!

After downloading Kompozer and a few other HTML editors, and also playing around in PS I decided I'd rather just modify a blog to suit my needs, which is : A portfolio of my level design work and the process of creating a mod, along with a few other things, like my favorite news story's from around the net and some images I'd like to show in a gallery.

I should be able to modify this blog with links to downloads (obviously kept on another server) as well as a gallery on many of the free sites that offer them, even set up my RSS feeds here, which will help organize things.

This was and is much easier then wasting time trying to create a homepage for myself, although not quite as satisfying. With the little time I do have, it's better spent on some projects I have left to finish along with some much needed cleaning I have to do around home :/

Some news from Ren07, a render video of the Stealth Tank was just created...