TSR moves to CnC 3!

Welcome Commander!

Battlefield Update! The GDI Titan has made its way into the next stage of evolution for Tiberian Sun Rising!

Yes! Thats right!, Tiberian Sun Rising is going to Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars! Which I'm sure your all very excited to hear, with 90% of our graphical assets completed we have a strong focus on coding & development so we can bring you your favorite C&C in the latest technology without delay.

We'd like to show you our first addition the GDI Titan! Which to my knowledge is the first unit added to C&C3 other then EA with the SDK which well enjoy it I thought the Titan was worthy of being first added

More details will follow very soon with more screenshots you can be sure! Not to mention the possibilities with the new engine are endlessly more amazing then ever before! Back to playing with the SDK for me . At the moment the Zero Hour version is on the back burner, we feel as that the C&C3 engine is designed to handle everything we want to give you the gaming experience will be far better handled in the hands of C&C3 SAGE engine.

End Transmission

Visit rising.cnc-source.com

Seems like a great move!
I'm Looking forward to this mod, especially now that it's being developed in a game I own.

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